Funny kittens don’t want to share their food!


So funny!

Cats deserve their own separate plates and should be allowed to eat without being provoked. But it wouldn’t be so funny!

This is why you must give your cats food in a bigger plate! These cats have a cute and little fight! It is only OK with very young kittens/puppies and a plate big enough for all to eat.

You may ask, what’s the point of messing with a cat when it’s eating? The best and most straightforward answer is, of course, because it’s fun! As you can see in this video, it’s really kind of fun. The cats react with their strong paws and all sorts of noise, but fairly harmless. We can actually get away with it. It’d be scarier to do the same with a dog, with all that growling and snapping.

Cats are very sweet and cuddly animals (or at least they can be), but when it comes to food… don’t even think of coming near their bowl when they are eating. Sure you can try, but you better be ready for a fight. Cats will not give up their food bowl so easily. Two cats competing for a single bowl is a recipe for disaster. It inevitably leads to conflict. That is happening because cats are, by their nature, extremely protective of their food.

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