Gorgeous breed of dogs it is definitely Corgi!


This is the best video on the internet this year! Welsh Corgi is a short dog with an elongated body and erects big ears. In appearance, the representatives of this breed are very similar to the fox. Pembroke’s legs are straight, which can not be said about cardigans.

Typically, the tails of these dogs stop, even in those cases when they are relatively short from birth because it is necessary to comply with the breed standard. Welsh corgi is strong-willed. They are used to getting what they want.

Therefore, in the learning process, you will need a lot of patience and endurance. The main assistant in training will be remuneration in the form of delicacies and, of course, in the form of praise. Pay attention that when training a dog, you need to completely forget about rudeness and aggression, which will have a negative effect.

The animal should receive pleasure from the exercises, so it is better to conduct short, but more frequent classes, which will not bother the pet. Training dogs of this breed require a certain degree of systematicness.

It is necessary to move from simple to complex. After mastering the basic commands and assignments, boldly go on to learning tracing and agility. It is necessary to enable the pet to develop and direct all its energy into a useful channel. Welsh corgi is excellent watchmen.

They will promptly sound an alarm at the sight of uninvited guests, but such behavior must be kept under control through early training. That is why an important place in the life of dogs of this breed is the stage of socialization.

Welsh corgi is incredulous to strangers, your task is to teach a pet to distinguish a stranger from one’s own. Otherwise, the dog will often bark, which is not quite like your neighbors, and what can I say in the case when you live in a dormitory.

While most dogs show special warmth to children, Corgi can show dominance, especially when it comes to a group of children. Their dog will be perceived as an object for grazing, all of which is formed at the genetic level. This is the reason for the requirement of experienced breeders about the inexpediency of playing corgi with children without adult supervision.