Grandma was asked to say a solemn prayer–but she had a trick up her sleeve


Mary Maxwell was requested to say a prayer at the start of a meal celebrating caregivers, but she also tickled the audience’s funny bone.

She indeed asks for God’s benediction, but she segues into an outrageously funny talk about getting old, presenting a charming take on the transformations all of us will ultimately face.

While the prospect of aging can be worrisome to many, Maxwell takes a lighthearted, accepting approach. She brought fun to a subject that’s usually thought to be morbid. “The thing about old age is you don’t get to practice,” she quipped. “this is the first time I’ve ever been just sort of crept up on me.”

This wise elder makes clear that the trick is to always keep a sense of humor throughout life, and that in the end one should trust that events will unfold just as intended. Her straight-faced persona served as a delightful counterpoint to her raucous lines that had the whole room in stitches.