Long-expected meeting, at least it happened!


Awww! Cute little bun! Dogs are favorite animals of a huge number of people all over the world, cannot you agree? And this is absolutely deserved. These animals tirelessly confirm their status as the best friend of man.

Dogs are incredibly loyal, faithful and sincere, I am sure the masters of dogs tht really confirm this fact. There are cases when dogs gave their lives for the life of their master. Impressive, right? Of course, yes. Happy owners of dogs know how it is nice to return home after a day’s work, when you are waiting for a pet.

Dogs meet their owners as if they are doing this for the last time. It is in this that their sincerity and pure love for people are manifested. And if the owner returns from a business trip or a long departure, he can be knocked down and kissed!

That’s what happened to the hero of this video. The man was not at home for 2 months. He really missed his dog, which is mutual. But when he returned, the dog was in seventh heaven with happiness! Just look at his reaction!

You will be amazed by the behavior of this charming husky, who threw the master into a hug. It’s safe to say this is a daddy who treats his pup with loving kindness. He’s ready to pass out with pure joy, so full of love for his owner.

I love the way the puppy freaks out. Non pet owners will never understand the love and loyalty given to us by our fur babies. I would take this happiness shown by this puppy over a parade anytime. The dog cried and was pissed that he was gone so long.

I don’t like seeing doggies cry. But this was adorable. Don’t leave for that long again. Miss Poppy responds like any pet that misses their parent, with bunches of yapping and delightful tail swaying.

The bond her and her proprietor share is unmistakable and as solid as ever. This dog is so adorable so if you watch this the first time you can’t stop watching the video over and over again. Let’s spend more time with our lovely pets, they are so adorable and funny when they are happy.