Nobody wanted to take this dog out of the shelter. But now there was a family that fell in love with all its features!


What a sweetheart! This charming puppy was born with a slight genetic abnormality – a disorder of pigmentation. Because of this, it looks rather extravagant, but most people considered it a real nuance.

It was precisely because of this immediately after birth he got into a shelter. This dog, with an unhappy faces, spent his life in a shelter, and never got a home – after all, he had obviously some kind of problems that people feared.

But Tony and James immediately realized that it was their dog as soon as they saw him. People have seen that the appearance of the animal differs from ordinary dogs and did not risk taking it. Besides, this little one had a frowny, not friendly face, so it was a feeling that he had an evil character.

And they did not even suspect that they would cope with his illness, which is the cause of his strange appearance. Employees of the institution also thought that finding a home for the dog would be serious difficulties, but the dog was soon taken away.

Because of a too serious snipe she was nicknamed Mr. Cornelius. He turned out to be a very peculiar gentleman. For example, he really loved bathing procedures. At any time of the day or night, he can jump into the bath and start whining, demanding opening a water tap.

In addition, he prefers to play only with subjects of bright orange color. Why this happened, nobody can explain. Unfortunately, in the company of other dogs, Mr. Cornelius closes, except for his half-sister Bowie, who had previously lived in this house.

Despite all his strangeness, the owners are crazy about the new pet. The hosts say that the ever-dissatisfied muzzle is just a zest of a dog, and sometimes he may even be quite a happy representative of the four-legged dog.

Just guys are very happy when the dog becomes gloomy, and they adore taking it at such moments. Mr. Cornelius’ new hosts are crazy about the pudding caught on their way, though at first they did not even think about starting a pet. Take a look at the video and you too will fall in love with this animal!