Great nostalgia from mid-60s California Dreamin’ – “The Mamas & The Papas”!


This is such a cool song in any decade! John and Michel along with Canadian Denny Dougherty of The Mugwumps founded the band The Mamas & the Papas, which was later joined by the colorful Cass Elliott. So a pop quartet was formed, where Denny and John (whose name was Papa Jones) were “daddies”, and “Moms” were Michelle and Cass (whose nickname was Mama Cass – because of the fullness).

In the same year, the band signed their first contract – singer Barry McGuire introduced them to Lou Adler, co-founder of the Californian label Dunhill Records, with whom he himself recently began collaborating.

In gratitude, the band The Mamas & the Papas performed backing vocals for the song “California Dreamin “, which Barry sang. In this performance, she entered the McGuire album “This Precious Time”.

At the end of the same year, The Mamas & the Papas recorded their own version of the “California Dreamin”, using the arrangement of Barry McGuire along with the backing vocals, putting their voices and a beautiful alto flute performed by Bad Schank.

On December 3, the single “California Dreamin” was released on Dunhill Records. At first, even the Californian public met him with restraint. To promote the single, Billboard published an advertisement with a photograph of the group, which occupied a whole page.

However, according to Michelle’s recollections, the song became a national hit, only sounded on the air of one popular Boston radio station. Bursting into the charts in January 66, by March, “California Dreamin ‘” got to the 4th line, and immediately in two charts: Billboard Hot 100 and Cashbox.

At the end of the year, Billboard magazine recognized the song as a hit # 1. In the UK, success was more modest – 23rd in the singles chart. It is the legendary song. The vocal harmonies on this song are bloody outrageously awesome. Undeniable, this song is so hauntingly beautiful.

This masterpiece is a real nostalgia for those people years ago, and now listening to it they like to return there in decades. Nothing can bring back good memories better, than a song which we were once connected with. If you are a person from mid-60s, this song is definitely for you.