No matter how hard life is, we always have cats and kittens to cheer us up!


Love it, looks like one scared kitty! When the arrival of winter is always joyful. At someone it is snowy and frosty. Cats love snow, especially fresh, fluffy. You open the door to the street, and the dog, forgetting the happiness of everyone and everyone, starts to rush in the snow, digging in and flinging snowflakes and snowballs to the side.

This black cat is called Tingeling and he simply adores the snow. Tingeling lives in Oslo, Norway next door from the author’s house of these photographs. When recently the whole of Britain was covered by a powerful frosty hurricane and a lot of snow fell.

Tingeling was the happiest for this winter days. At first the animal was a little confused, but then realized that this “something” does not pose any danger. But it can become a very fun toy.

He enjoys snow like a little kitten and probably touches hundreds of thousands of Internet users from different countries. Black Cat Bob loves to just run around in the snow, roll around in it, play it with a plush toy mouse, jump high and catch falling snowflakes with paws.

When their owner recently uploaded a photo of Tingeling fun in the snow, Facebook was a real star in social networks. When the snow falls animals have to dig through the snow to get to their prey.

Сats are just demonstrating natural behavior, but they don’t know why. By the way, it is so funny to follow their incredible reaction investigating the snow and playing with it. Shoveling snow isn’t so bad and goes quicker when it becomes a fun kitty game.

Warm and fuzzy feeling just watching him playing. Cats are so charmed by winter and snow, they don’t recognize what is it or why is it so delicate, and them finding snow out of the blue is simply excessively adorable.

Here so zealously, with one paw, the other tries to make his way. Have you ever seen this scene before? If yes, you have a great possibility to watch once again, and advice this wonderful discovery of the snow to your friends.