The sincerity is around us, look how Pop have shown it! Click!


The Pope is mine! Everyone knows the great love of the pope to the children. At each of his performances, a large number of children go to him to greet with him, and he communicates sincerely with them. Thus is so inredible to look at them.

But there are other cases, when children like Pop so much that they do not want to leave him. This is exactly about this boy in yellow T-shirt. During a meeting of the Pope with Catholic families from all the world, held in St. Peter’s Square, a small boy climbed to the stage to Francis and sat on the pope’s chair.

Dad smiled at the boy and condescendingly allowed him to examine the chair. In addition, the pontiff quietly reacted to the fact that the boy hugged him by the leg and continued to read his speech.

Then he tried in every possible way to draw the pope’s attention to himself: he hugged him by the feet, looked at the cross on the Pope’s chest, and when the guard tried to approach him, he began to push the guards away from the Pope.

The child could not be taken off the stage by force, or by enticing sweets. One of the bodyguards tried to entice the child, offering him a candy. However, the boy, having seized the treat, returned back.

Repeatedly the child caused a flurry of applause by his behavior, and Pope Francis constantly stroked the child on the head and gave him a kiss to the cross. He liked the Pope’s society so much that he even brought children out of the crowd – they were listening to the pontiff at the stage – a girl standing nearby.

I think Pope Francis is doing a very good job. Just an all around good job. A humble man and he shows it by his actions. His humility and love towards all humans irrespective of caste colour creed and origin make him one of favourites.

This little boy really loves the pop and is so cute. Wish all people take an example of Pop, he really showed his best traits. He has shown his irresistable urge to perform in front of thousands of people, and despite this he does pay attention for child. Watch this unbelievable scene, and share with your friends.