Take a look! Science Cannot Explain This 12-Year-Old Prodigy’s Musical Talent.


Impressive! An Englishwoman Alma Deutscher from the county of Surrey is a real child prodigy, at her age of 7 she managed to write a piano sonata and an opera. Alma Deutscher became an Internet sensation, she knew the notes in two years, performed Handel’s sonatas in three years, played the violin and piano and even wrote the opera “Dream Sweeper” last year.

While the baby Alma Deutscher, who is by no means timid, she repeats the path of genius – at least the stages of his early work. As you know, the Austrian boy prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his first concert at the age of 4 years.

Alma Deutscher is a real miracle of our days. That the girl is brilliant, it became clear even in the early childhood: in incomplete two years she already played the piano musical works, in three – she mastered the game on the violin, and in four began to compose music and improvise.

At the age of six she wrote her first piano sonata. At the age of seven, she completed the first opera Sweeping Dreams. Even the eminent musicians who heard these works of her own acting say that they are written by a mature, serious composer.

Famous Alma became thanks to Stephen Fry – a famous actor, writer and TV presenter. It was he who created the channel on Youtube for Alma and published the first video in his tweet with the comment: “It’s just amazing”.

Alma Deutscher performs her own compositions, and they are stunning. The new Mozart? “. After that, the girl fell in popularity. However, she does not like Alma when she is compared to Mozart and says that even if she re-composed everything Mozart wrote, it would be boring.

She has her own way, and very interesting how he will be. Alma is a sound-visual girl. She reached the level of realization of her abilities at the age of seven that another adult reaches for 30-40 years of life.

Wish she reaches all heights, and surely she will be the most prominent versatile talented girl. If you have not watched her performances yet, here below you have a great opportunity.