Touching flute play that will evoke goosebumps!


So beautiful! GOD bless you. Sometimes music doesn’t need any words, only a musical instrument. In this video, we can listen to an exceptional interpretation on pan flute. The performer David Döring knows how to play his instrument to the hearts of all music sweethearts.

He figures out how to offer life to a melodic piece with uncommon virtuosity. The tune “You Raise Me Up”, initially performed by Josh Groban, gets a totally extraordinary melodic incentive through this instrumental understanding.

Tuning in to this tune, you have the feeling that you are in a fantasy world where feelings are knowledgeable about the most extreme force. Simply soul touching in the most beautiful way. It’s a wonderful instrument that can feel harmony in living this world full of misery and tribulation in life.

Especially those people who always likes makes troubles in other lifes. And those who always lies in whole their life, not to be honest to their real life. That is why this instrument and this music can heal the wounded heart who always self denial to themselves along this years always lies whole world.

But there something that you cannot hide the smoke from the mountain who have volcanic you cannot hide until Jesus come to this world.Enjoy his flute playing tremendously, he made evebody charmed with this song.

He has unbelievable potential and great developed skills. It is a lot of comfort and strength. I found this song with interest in your performance. There is absolutely nothing negative about this wonderful song and performance.

“You Raise Me Up” is a beautiful melody, originally composed by the Norwegian duo Secret Garden. The music was written by the Norwegian Secret Garden’s Rolf Løvland and the lyrics by Brendan Graham. This melody is beautiful, and David helped to make this song a masterpiece.  The Internet can be used for useless things, mind damaging things.

And then this music come to us from across the world. To heal us and make our hearts happy. It is exactly that example of wonderful music. The adaptability of the German craftsman is reflected in the extensive variety of tunes she translates. Regardless of whether it’s an established, well known, fervent or pop melody, David Döring demonstrates to everybody the uncommon energy of music.