You will be amazed by this stunning audition of little Rhema!


God bless America and this young lady! She is awesome! All children are different and this is normal. Someone has a tumultuous memory, someone has a strong fantasy, and someone from birth is an innate philosopher. But every child, and this without exception, has his own God, an individual gift, an inclination to something.

“My name, Rhema, means” sounding the word of God “, – called the translation of his name, American Rema Marvine. “I say the word of God through my songs.” Rhema began to sing from a very young age, and now the work in the studio or in front of the audience for her – the norm.

And about God, she speaks because she does not set goals for becoming another superstar and sing for profit and glory. She would give her talent, which she believed to have given her by God, that Rhema decided when her mother, whom the girl loved very much, died of cancer.

Rhema’s mother even wrote songs for her. When Reme was six, it ended, but Rema continued to sing – after all, her voice is really like a fairy of the fairy tale. Now her creativity is known to the whole world. Many of her songs are distributed through YouTube.

“I’m very proud of what Remus is a man, because it all starts with her heart, and I think her heart is in the right place,” says Tethon Marwainne, the father of Rhema. “I’m glad she continues her mother’s steps.” The roman singing career began after her father Teton sent a video of her song “Amazing Grace”.

The video became top-rated in a few days. Since then, Rhema and her father have emphasized that income from appearances is an opportunity to help others. They very much want to build an oncology center in their small city.

Therefore, Remus now sings the gospel to numerous crowds at concerts, churches, gatherings and other events. At just 8 years old, Rhema Marvanne sings her song as a tribute to the troops. This is such a heart-wrenching. God gave us a gift of raising the future generation.

Her voice probably stands out than most her age. She’s up there using her God-given talent, some training, and inspiration from her late mother. She is an angel, spreading her glory. Watch and enjoy this singing.