Absolutely Fabulous piano play from Tokyo! Take a look!


Brilliant.  Entirely brilliant! Tokyo Myers is a 32-year-old pianist from London who loves music and tries to share it with everyone. Tokyo started playing the piano at the age of 9 when Dad first bought him a tool. The performance of this young pianist conquered all members of the jury.

It seemed that the talent of a young man was given from somewhere above – he felt the music so delicately, so accurately he issued every note that it was simply impossible not to be heard. However, when Tokyo Meyers told his story, everything fell into place.

Modern spectators of various shows are difficult to surprise. But true talent always conquers hearts, as it happened with pianist Tokyo Myers. At the age of eleven, the boy witnessed the brutal murder of the principal.

A 15-year-old student mortally wounded a man, and Tokyo only miraculously survived. His death was saved by his musical director – he miraculously managed to take the student to a safe place, but he could not protect him from the sight of the bleeding director.

Since that moment, something has changed in Tokyo’s head. He began to play as if it was the last performance in his life. This continues until now. Absolutely beautiful piano rendition. Definitely quality of the music and digital accompaniment.

True art from a real artist. His subtle touch and respect for all things musical are vital in his performance. The young man is a natural talent. Tokio also has plenty of more music that he has uploaded onto YouTube, which shows just how talented the 32-year-old pianist is.

Just listen to what incredible mix of Claude Debussy’s classical music “Moonlight” and the modern song Ed Sheeran, he decided to win judges and spectators on the talent show! It is just fantastic. The guy performed the classic number, impressing both the jury and the audience.

His music captures and raises from the depths of his is not the entourage that matters, but the melody that flows from the very heart. His talent should be praised, he has a great potential and he should be on the top.