Beyond speechless after listening thi song performed by Laura Brittany! Click!


So beautiful! I cry when she hit those high notes! Laura Brittany conquered all with her incredible operatic voice on the show of talents of Romania, then she was 13 years old. Of course, every show of talent opens a few real nuggets, but Laura Bretan is a nugget among the nuggets.

Laura’s completely adult operatic voice fits little with her frail appearance. When you listen to Laura Bretan, it seems that this is the voice of an adult, an opera singer, then you open your eyes and you see, in fact, a child.

Laura Bretan’s incredible success at the talent show in Romania inspired mentors and parents, and they ventured to participate in America’s Got Talent talent show. Nothing else but success was to be expected, and it happened. Never heard anybody sing this song “The Prayer” like she did.

There can be no higher compliment than Simon’s comment, “This is why we made this show”. What an extraordinary performance, simply amazing. This song is a classic, and honestly, it sounds like it was made for her voice. Such emotion, such power coming from a beautiful, humble teenager.

I think Laura made people believe that there still are miracles and beautiful things in the world. She has such power and control – better than a lot of seasoned opera singers and so natural. I think Simon missed the fact her movement of arms.

She is perfect in everything.The phenomenal voice of Laura Brittany did not leave anyone indifferent. In America, after heated discussions arose over the fact that Laura was not yet physically mature enough to make similar sounds.

The legendary opera bass Samuel Ramey stated that Laura had no right to sing Puccini’s opera, because even before they had not yet grown, and the vocal teacher Heidi Moss wrote an open letter on Facebook, warning Laura Bretan of the possible negative consequences from her manner of execution.

I admire not only the very beautiful voice of Laura Brittany, I admire the perseverance of this girl. I think Laura has qualities that can lead her to the very top of the opera singer’s fame. Just check this by watching this video.