Brother and sister, dressed in kilt, go out to the ice: after a moment all those present begin to applaud their incredible performance.


Fabulous! Both started as single skaters, however Sinead swung to ice-move on the guidance that she wasn’t sufficient at the hops yet was “a masterful skater”. She matched up with another accomplice and had a measure of accomplishment on the lesser circuit.

“I split with my ex-accomplice exactly when John was considering free-skating, so we collaborated together,” says Sinead. Bagpipes and Kilt are pride of the Scottish tradition. But we are not used to seeing these things at the World Figure Skating Championships.

John and Schinde Kerr are talented skaters. Their performance in Sweden in 2008 was fascinated by the whole world. The 2008 World Figure Skating Cup was held in Gothenburg. On it, brother and sister John and Shined Carr from Great Britain spoke in traditional kilts.

For most people, figure skating is the most spectacular sport – and John and Shined’s speech was no exception. They have prepared a dance that most people would not try to execute on the thin blades of skates.

When they came to the ice, the traditional music of Scotland, played on the bagpipes, played in the columns of the stadium. And the couple began their performance. At some moments of the dance, it seemed that skaters were about to fall on the ice, without resting on the skates – so risky their movements.

But they stood on their feet and fulfilled all the technically complex elements of the program. The audience was jubilantly admiring skaters, and it’s easy to understand why. The performance turned out to be nice.

Unique and technically superior performance. Absolutely brilliant amazing representing their country Scotland. This brother and sister team put on a marvelous show that showcased their incredible talent and skill. Look at the performance of your brother and sister in the video below and be prepared to enjoy their amazing talent.

They are really great and they show their wonderful abilities and skills, they are the examples of real professional dancing on the ice. They deserve the highest award. Watch and check their endeavours. I am sure that you will share our opinion, definitely. It is really worth.