Calista’s voice comes out so easy, she is true survivor!


I can listen to her voice all day! Сalista Beaver came on the stage of the show to fulfill her dream and sing the song Rachel Platten Fight Song. The touching performance of the young girl impressed everyone in the audience – the audience and even the singer herself could hardly hold back tears.

The dream of this girl was participation in the show “America’s Got Talent” with the song “Fight Song”. The choice of which was not accidental, because the life of the girl is reflected in the text.

Kalista Beaver 16-year-old American woman was able to overcome the third stage of ovarian cancer. During the treatment, she repeated the text “This is my battle song, drowning out the song of life. Proving that I’m fine.

My strength is back. Right now; I will be strong … “Such cheerfulness and will! This can be admired. Life gave one more chance. Which she used immediately. It is getting ridiculous. They had better change the name of the show to “America’s Got Voice” or as someone commented here to “America’s Got Idols” instead.

What Simon did was a good one, cause she is a total package, she’s beautiful, charming, have a good voice that can still be improved and she’s young. This song has been an anthem for people who suffer cancer.

She did it perfectly.The spectators rejoiced and hardly hold back their tears. What can I say, if the most severe judge in this program – Simon Cole was cut to the depths of his soul. “I like everything about you.

This can not be explained. As soon as you reached the price I fell in love with your spirit, your voice, the choice of the song. I felt something special about you. “After the words of admiration for her courage and talent, he pressed the golden button, thereby sending the girl straight to the finals of this season.

Before the performance, Kalista gave a farewell to those who barely had the strength to fight. “Regardless of what you went through, run towards your dream. Do not give up!” Follow these words, when you have obstacles.