Close your eyes and listen the stunning “My funny Valentine”!


Amazing! Artist Alice Fredenham has spellbound Simon Cowell and the others Britain’s Got Talent judges.On American Idol, Mara Justine evaded the hair flips and rather, conveyed a phenomenal cover of “Rushed To You” by Whitney Houston for her Top 24 Solo execution before a live gathering of people and Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on American Idol.

She prevailed upon the judges. Fredenham, who is 28 and a stunner specialist, played out My Funny Valentine to a paralyzed Britain’s Got Talent group of onlookers on Saturday, regardless of conceding she was so apprehensive and frightened of disappointment that she hadn’t welcomed her family to the tryout.

Her expressive version got an overwhelming applause from the judges and group of onlookers, with Cowell contrasting her voice with “liquid gold”. There should have been hundreds of bouquets and thousands of individual roses thrown to her feet after this performance because no words could ever describe how good that was.

That voice and that emotion came from some other heavenly place. She was simply being used as a conduit from another world. You often see these performances where the contestant gets a standing ovation, but you hear the crowd whooping and cheering throughout the performance.

Especially when the singer hits the money notes, but with this performance, the crowd were so into it, they were listening to every nuance of her sultry voice and waited ’til her last note, elegantly faded before going nuts.

She is perfect. That’s how you truly know when someone is good at singing, the entire crowd and judges were listening to her quietly, enjoying every second of her majestic voice.

Alice has the most mesmerizing voice I’ve heard in a long time. She’s very cute and this song really is expressive and that’s what turns us on about her, she seems so quiet and shy but when singing this, oooh she just gives the shivers.

Everyone was silent, no clapping no annoying jeering and noise, that was how captivating and sublime this performance was. This lady is so good. Watch this magic song and share with your friends.