This freaking performance will bring tears to your eyes!


I can’t believe she is inly 15! On American Idol, Mara Justine stayed away from the hair flips and rather, conveyed an awesome cover of “Rushed To You” by Whitney Houston for her Top 24 Solo execution before a live crowd and Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on American Idol.

She prevailed upon the judges. Luke Bryan said they are entranced by her execution. Luke said she demonstrated to them this tense shake side of her. Luke said approach to show up today. Katy Perry said it sounded so great on her.

Katy said she was so flexible in that she could sing addresses in the telephone directory and she would tune in. Katy said it is so decent to see things in their unique state. She did beautifully, She owned it, She didn’t try the Whitney notes which is great, She went low and beautiful, total respect.

Mara really gets into the song she sings. She has such control and a beautiful natural tone. She absolutely has the best and most controlled vocal range. She looks like she’s giving so much emotion. And she did her best.

She coped with all necessary tasks. Mara’s performance of Whitney Houstons song was spellbinding and it alone was far and away the performance of the season. It was a gutsy song choice for Mara to pick a Whitney Houston song but she made it pay off by singing great! She hit the notes very well.

Katy was shown during the performance and she looked like she was in disbelief, perhaps shocked by how well Mara sang this. Mara is the versatile girl. Katy said she demonstrated them something so crude and wonderful.

Lionel Richie said the best guidance at any point given to him works for her. Lionel said he used to keep running from the stage and somebody instructed him to stop and the group came to him. Lionel said that is the end result for her.

And the viewers are amazed by her performance, the great fame she gained on the Internet also, she is a minion for many listeners. If you have not watched yet, you should do it right now.It really worth it. Sheis incredible, you will not regret.