An incredible duo that will make you enjoy every moment!


Wonderful! This is the story of the incredible experience of the young singer, Selin Tam, who gained him despite the fact that he was not in the final of the American’s Got Tale. The parents of this cute little girl named her in honor of world-famous singer Celine Dion.

She is 10 years old and she lives in Hong Kong. Taking part in the show, she was not able to charm the American audience, but what happened to her later showed she was talented. After Celine failed to conquer the hearts of American audiences, the German singer, Helena Fisher, has decided to invite a girl on her show to sing “You Raise Me Up” with her duet.

A successful singer, actress and lead has sold at least 15 million albums. When Helena starts singing “You Raise with Up,” Celine looks at her as a singing goddess blinding with her radiance – can the girl make a duo with a talented singer?

Celine can hold her own with any adult singer. Beautifully performed and the harmony was awesome. Celine Tam is a young talented singer she is gonna to be the well-known superstar. She is an age with the beautiful voice.

They are so talented and what an angelic voice, love this combination. These two together made this song more emotional. I just can imagine how happy parents Celine tam see daughter very strong.

At the point when the little young lady opens her mouth, the whole group of onlookers was staggered and after couple of minutes, the pack thundered in commendation. Celine demonstrated that she was destined to sing and the reality she was an America’s Got Talent “failure,” was an only inspiration to her.

What’s more, Helene knew it. In Hong Kong, due to her amazing voice, Celine is known as “Little Giant Light”, and as soon as she opened her mouth to sing with a German superstar, all the attention of the audience switched to her.

But I’m sure everyone will agree that Celine is an incredibly talented girl, so please share this video so everyone can enjoy this wonderful duo. You definitely should watch it.