Tears are flowing listening to this magic song “The Prayer”


Great examples! Celine Dion – one of the most popular and beloved singers of the world. She gave us a lot of amazing hits, which for a long time held the first position in the world charts. But, unfortunately, the glory does not help to save from loss of relatives and friends.

Just a few days ago, the singer had a double tragedy: her husband, Rene Angelil, died of cancer, and two years later his beloved brother, Daniel Dion, died from the same illness. Music is the most beautiful and heartfelt thing in the world.

When Celine Dion and Josh Groban, two ultra-talented vocalists, appeared on the same stage to sing ” The Prayer” – no one could believe their happiness. By the way, it’s astonishing exactly how much feeling this touching two-part harmony can inspire in a man.

In a night to observe Celine Dion and her music, Celine reviews her first experience with artist Josh Groban as a young man. He was anxious, however when he opened his mouth, the hotshot artist couldn’t trust his radiant voice.

Celine at that point expedites Josh arrange for a moving execution of “The Prayer”, a tune that is tune alone can convey a man to tears. They both have heavenly voices that can do marvels to the spirit.

We all warmly sympathize with Celine and would like, that in such a difficult time all her fans mentally supported their beloved singer. To do this, we publish a video in which, in our opinion, the best performance of the song “The Prayer” (“Prayer”) is recorded in a duet with American singer Josh Groban.

So much soul and heart is in his voice and to be next to one of the greatest female vocalist of all time, makes for a great rendition of the original “The Prayer” well done. Once, Josh did not think that he would sing in duet with Celine Dion, but dreams tend to come true.

Well, let’s hope that Celine adequately cope with his terrible loss, because in any case, life must continue. All the years of practice and striving for excellence, led to this performance. Watch this masterpiece and enjoy every sound.